meeting the demand for well-crafted images that enhance messaging to staff, stakeholders, clients and the market.


Resources Illustrated is a commercial photography business with clients in the mining, oil, gas and industrial sectors.  We work with companies across the value spectrum to create powerful stills imagery that enhances communications.  This typically includes;

  • reporting (IPO's, Annual Reports and other significant market releases plus industry presentations), 
  • corporate social responsibility (indigenous, community and environmental initiatives), 
  • operations (visual records, contextual insights and safety initiatives), and 
  • image banks (websites, brochures, internal comms and newsletters).

Based in Australia, and available for assignments globally, Resources Illustrated prides itself on safety, integrity and amazing imagery. 

Download our Capability Statement in pdf form.

Engineers stand aside a dragline in action. Qld, 2012.


After working in the resources industry for nearly ten years, I am keenly aware of the safety implications of photographing on site and am adept at knowing how and where to take photographs that will deliver impact without compromising safety. 


A mining engineer by training, I have spent my working career in the Resources Industry and have been photographing minesites and crews for over five years. Drawing on my experiences as a site based engineer and then a corporate financier, I established Resources Illustrated as a platform to produce bespoke images that strengthen the impact of corporate messaging and marketing.

Whether it is capturing asset optimisation initiatives in Africa or ‘a day in the life” of an Australian coal miner, I always aim to deliver creative and intriguing images that are tailor-made for my clients’ needs. My time onsite and in the boardroom gives me a detailed understanding of the best way to capture images in the field as well as the benefits photography can bring to both internal communications and corporate messaging to investors.

While my focus is very much Resources, my photography extends also to travel, documentary, street photography and portraiture. A selection of that work can be found at By bringing the techniques and experiences from those other genres into my work for Resources Illustrated, my clients’ corporate imagery remains fresh, definitive and vivid.


A member of the Australian Commercial and Media Photographer (ACMP).

I work in many formats from digital and film for still imagery to video and time-lapse for motion based projects and use Nikon, Leica and GoPro equipment.  I am an advocate of technology and remain at the cutting edge to ensure quality, security and consistency for clients.