As part of a promotion with the Singapore Mining Club, Resources Illustrated is offering SMC attendees a special, limited time offer. Simply fill in the contact form below before 30th November and you'll receive the following. 

1. 20% DISCOUNT off any Assignment

Whether it's a campaign to capture the full story of all your operations or a simple update to refresh and harmonise your executive portraits, you'll receive 20% off the day rate or unit price (which ever is applicable and excludes expenses).

2. Free Visual Assessment

Resources Illustrated doesn't just take great photos. Our true strength is in understanding the power of visuals to dramatically enhance your story to all stakeholders. 

We offer a complete visual assessment package which details the visual strength of all your current, outbound communication channels. Normally valued at US$200, SMC attendees are invited to this services free of charge.

Fill in the contact form below by 30th November to receive the above.

We aim to respond within 24 hrs. 

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